Advanced Air Mobility is the set of innovative transport services carried out in an intermodal perspective with electric aircraft systems mainly with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL – vertical take-off and landing), with or without pilot on board (UAS – Unmanned Aerial System) or autonomous – together with the related infrastructures – able to improve the accessibility and mobility of cities, metropolitan areas and territories, the quality of the environment, life and safety of citizens.

Advanced Air Mobility will benefit not only urban but also suburban and rural areas. This evolution should not leave anyone behind: it is essential that the mobility is available and accessible to all, that rural and remote regions can be better connected and more accessible also for people with reduced mobility.

The AAM will offer services that can help improve the rural connections of the territories, providing innovative services accessible to all (for example the delivery of goods in rural or difficult to reach areas).

The “European Pillar of Social Rights” defined by the European Commission is the compass to follow to ensure that green and digital transitions are socially fair and shared.