NUAIR (a New York-based nonprofit organization that provides unsurpassed expertise in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations, aeronautical research, and consulting services.) explains exactly what a vertiport is:

“A vertiport is a collective term that refers to areas designed specifically for the take-off and landing of AAM aircraft, just as a heliport is a designated area for helicopters.” Individual aircraft may have the ability to be piloted by an onboard pilot, using simplified vehicle operations, or by someone in a “command station” who could pilot or monitor multiple aircraft simultaneously.

Vertiports could be built on top of buildings, be a hub like an airport, or the press release says, they could be designed with a bus stop concept: a simple “Vertistop” would be for drop-offs and pickups only.

Air traffic will be a mix of piloted, semi-automatic and fully automated aircraft with multiple vertiport configurations depending on location and type of operation.